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Naruto lemon

7 minutes in heaven- Naruto Uzamaki
You where playing 7 minutes in heaven with every ninja in Konoha. Although you weren’t like any other girl in Konoha. You where in love with Naruto. You where in love with him because he wasn’t mysterious and cold heated like the other guys in Konoha, he was happy and he never gave up. Naruto had such a big heart and he was always looking out for his friends, protecting them as if they where his own family.
“I said it’s your turn!” Ino yelled, shoving the hat in front of your face. You cursed yourself as you let your mind wonder again causing Ino to yell at you. “Oh, my apologies.” You smiled and picked up a name. Ironically your enemy should be Hinata, seeing as you where both in love with Naruto. Actually you to where the best of friends. You had more of a backbone compared to Hinata though.
You pulled out a piece of folded up paper from the hat and unravelled it revealing the name ‘Naruto’. Your eyes widened and automatically looking up at Hinata. When her eyes met yours it was as if she knew who you pulled out. “Um, I have Naruto.” You said, blushing, trying to hide your smile.
“Score!” Naruto yelled, standing up smiling with his eyes closed. He placed his hand on the back of his head doing so. You followed Naruto into the closet. “Unlucky!” You heard sakura say underneath her breath. Before you could say anything else Sakura closed the door behind you. The room was pitch black but you felt very safe because Naruto was with you. “I’m sorry you chose me and not one of the other guys like Sasuke.” You heard Naruto say. “No, Naruto. I’m happier being in here with you... I feel safer. Believe it!” You added to make him feel better.
You heard Naruto giggle a little bit. “Thank you _____ chan.” Naruto said. You could hear the happiness in his voice again. Just then you felt Naruto’s arms around your waist, he was hugging you from behind. You didn’t want to move in case he would let go so you held onto his arms instead. “I love you.” You told him. Oh crap, it kinda slipped out. You started panicking. “Uhm, I mean- I er, well I love you- when you hug me!” You tried saying but failed as you stumbled over your words. Naruto was quiet for a while so you broke the silence. “I’m sorry, Naruto.” You admitted, feeling upset and rejected form his silence.
“I love you to.” Naruto finally said. “No, you where just saying that.” You said. Naruto let go of you and grabbed you by the shoulders so you where facing him. The moment you felt his hands gripping your shoulders you froze. You couldn’t see him but you could only make out the outline of his body. You knew he was looking straight into your eyes. “But what about Sakura Chan?” You asked, holding his arms. “I’ve been trying now for years but no matter what she will ways love Sasuke.” He admitted. You could hear the sadness crawl back into his voice.
“So you only told me you loved me too because the person you loved rejected you?” You asked, feeling a little more rejected. “No. I really do have feelings for you ____ chan. When I’m with you I feel 10X better than I would with Sakura. I really can’t explain the way I feel.” Naruto said. You thought over and over in your head what Naruto just said to you, leaving you two in silence. Just then you felt Naruto lightly kiss you on your cheeck. Naruto carried on leaving kisses down your jaw line, to your neck then to collar bone. You ran one of your hands up through his hair gripping it a little and pulling him closer to you. You wanted to say his name but you stopped yourself.

Naruto moved his hand from your shoulder to under your shirt, cupping your breast instantly due to the fact that you weren’t wearing a bra that night. His hands where really warm so you arched your back a little causing you to leaning into him. “Naruto.” You whispered, in pleasure. You heard him giggle a little and continued. He moved his other hand on your leg very slowly moving his way up making you shiver and craving more. You moved your other hand on his back, dragging your fingers then up through his hair feeling every soft, spiky strand beneath your fingers.  Naruto then made his way up through your skirt, sliding his finger up the leg entrance of your knickers.  “Naruto!” You moaned his name a little louder then you expected to.
You said is name in shock that he could actually have the guts to something this perverted. He rubbed his finger against your clit making you become wet. His fingers where a little rough making you feel every movement and craving more. You bit your lip to stop yourself from groaning.  He started to fondle with your breast a little (with his other hand). “Naruto!” You tried shouting his name through a whisper. You moved your leg up Naruto waist causing friction between you two. You felt Naruto’s warm erection pulsing against your thigh. Every time Naruto entered you through his fingers again and again you where panting and groaning as if you where stuck on repeat. Naruto kept his slow and steady pace. “Ugh, Naruto! Faster!” You panted as you felt an orgasm filling your body. Naruto stopped. “DONT STOP... Naruto!” You instantly yelled without thinking.
You slowly put your leg of him and looked at him in the eyes. “You okay?” You asked. Naruto was quiet. “That’s all I read in Kakashi’s book.” Naruto admitted. You smiled and went on your knees. “What are you doing?” Naruto asked. You unzipped Naruto’s pants and reached in. Naruto was twitching uncontrollably. “Calm down, fox boy.” You smirked. You grabbed Naruto’s man rod and started teasing him by licking him first then planting soft kisses throughout. You felt Naruto stroke your hair.
 You then tried fitting all of him in your mouth, sliding your tongue up through the sides of him, moving him in and out of your mouth. Naruto started groaning and bucking his hips. Naruto gently grabbed your hair. You grabbed Naruto’s hips, trying to hold him still. You gently nibbled on him, hearing him groan a little. You kept your slow steady pace as he did with you. “Can do you do it... a little quicker?” Naruto requested. You stopped before he came. “But... I wasn’t finished.” Naruto said. You stood back up on your feet. “Exactly.”
Naruto to your surprised pushed you against the closet door with an agitated groan and planted a kiss on your lips. His kiss was gentle and honest. You moved one of your legs up and wrapped it tightly against Naruto’s waist, making him crave more friction. He started grinding his hips into yours, making you feel his hot, warm erection. This made you crave more as you started to feel yourself getting wet again. You moved your arm around his head resting it on his shoulder and griping his hair.
Naruto held you in his arms, hugging you tightly so your body was pressed up against his. Your breasts where pressed up against his chest. You could hear his loud, heavy heart rate speed up a little bit. With your free hand you traced a finger around his muscles on his chest leaving you a little breathless. “Wow... Naruto. You’re so... so... toned.” You heard Naruto chuckle a little.

You then felt Naruto’s penis rub against your inner thigh, as if he was teasing you a little. You felt how long and thick it was. Naruto’s heart started pacing faster as if he was nervous. “Are you okay, Naruto?” You whispered in his ear, leaving gentle nibbles down the cartilage of his ear. You felt Naruto pause for a second and then he continued thrusting his hips into yours (not yet inside you). “I’m fine. It’s just... well... this is my first time and all.” He admitted. “Same here.” You also admitted. “Oh... I’ll be gentle then ___ chan.” Naruto said in a gentle, husky voice. Naruto then stared rubbing his penis gently in between your wet folds, gently worming his way inside of you. You let out a soft whimper and pulled a little more on his hair, panting on his shoulder. “Naruto.” You said in a soft whisper that wasn’t meant to escape from your lips.  Naruto kissed you on your shoulder and then made his way up your neck.
 The one leg that you had that was wrapped around his waist was getting tired so you moved your other leg around his waist aswell. This made it easier for Naruto to slip inside of you. Naruto was now fully inside of you and you let out a rather loud moan. Naruto started grunting a little as he was now pumping into you at a slow pace. You started breathing in and out quickly, sounding as if you where hypervenalating. Naruto still held you in his tight grip.
 Naruto then rested you back against the door and then he supported your back with one of his hands and then he lowered his head near your breast, sucking tightly on your nipples. This made you groan in pleasure and you moved your head back, resting it on the door behind you, closing your eyes. Your voices became louder as you two came together, feeling the sexual rush between you to. You had an orgasm at the same time. 
You two quickly rushed gathering your clothes and putting them on and then rushing out the door. The buttons on your shirt where done up incorrectly and both of your hair was messy. “That was a little longer than 7 minutes.” Sakura informed. “Yeah, more like 7 hours.” Giggled Ino.
Naruto sat back down in his original place and you sat down in your place. You looked at Hinata. Hinata had her head down. You stood up and walked over and then took a seat next to her. “I um... heard what happened... with you and... N, Naruto.” Hinata said. “Oh, right.” You didn’t know what to say to that. You weren’t sorry for having sex with Naruto. You did love him afterall and you didn’t want to say sorry to make Hinata feel better when you knew it wasn’t true. “I... just want to say... um... well... I... I’m not mad at you and I still want to be friends with you.” Hinata said, smiling ever so slightly. You felt a little guilty and tried lighting up her mood a bit with a joke. “Hey, Hinata. How about me, you and Naruto have a threesome later. Maybe he can watch us first and then he can join in the fun.”  You asked, giggling. You kept your voice down so no one could hear. “Oh man. That sounds hot! Can I join in?” Kiba asked, giving you a thumbs up. Hinata bowed her head and went a dark shade of red. “I was only joking you pervert.” You snapped, embarrassed. “Oh.” Kiba sighed, sounding let down.
You and Hinata stayed good friends despite that one night of having sex with Naruto. Naruto grew attached to you but you tried steering him toward Hinata.
If you didn’t like the way that turned out then you can use your imagination and change it ^_^

Sasuke lemon

NOTE: This was one my 2nd lemon, so it's not gonna be as good as the rest. 

“Hello? ____?” Sakura said, waving her hand in front of your face to snap you out of your day dream. “Hm?” You replied with, raising your eyebrows an looking back at her completely dazed. “For the last time it’s your go.” She explained. “To do what?” You asked, slightly nervous because every team from the ninja academy was staring at you, waiting. Sakura started babbling on earlier causing you to switch off and be in automatic mode by replying every 5 minutes with ‘yeah’ and ‘oh, really?! “Oh, just pick out a piece of folded paper!” She snapped, shoving the hat in your face. You flinched a little and stuck your hand in the hat, moving your hand around in circles to pick one at random.
You didn’t even want to be here. The only reason you came was because you knew that Sasuke was here. Although he didn’t know that you liked him because you didn’t make it obvious like Sakura and Ino did. You kept your distance to take things slow with him, not scaring or rushing him into anything or looking desperate which you thought was a major turn off for a guy like Sasuke. Especially when he could have any girl he wants. You finally chose a piece of folded up paper and pulled it out of the hat. You unravelled it slowly to see a drawing of what looked like an upside down poke ‘ball. Then you realised it was the sign for the uchiha clan. You looked over at everyone and scanned the room quickly. “Well, who did you get ____?” Ino asked, looking over your shoulder.
“Hey, Sakura! Looks like someone’s got Sasuke!” She yelled, poking you hard in the head. “Cut it out, Barbie!” You yelled, turning around and blocking her away with your arm. You heard a sigh and Sasuke stood up. “Let’s just get this over with.” He said walking to the closet. You quickly followed behind him. Ino slammed the door and said “Good luck, you won’t even get anything out of him anyway. He’s probably not interested in girls like you!” You sighed and said underneath your breath sounding disappointed that you know she was right. “Shut up.” You looked up in the darkness and scanned the room to try and find him but it was as if he wasn’t even in there. You used this to your advantage because if you saw him and tried speaking about your feelings towards him you knew that you would start stuttering like Hinata.
You sighed and was going to talk before Sasuke cut you off. “Thank you.” He said taking your hand. You started to feel really hot and felt your cheecks going red. “Um, um, what for, Sasuke?” You asked, confused. “I know you like me, there’s no point in denying it!” He said as he pushed your shoulder to the wall with his other hand. “Sasuke, what’s going on?” You asked. “Im thanking you for not smothering me unlike Ino and Sakura.” “How did you know?” you asked but it came out in a whisper. There was a long pause. Then you felt his warm breath on your neck. You froze as the hairs on your neck stood up on an end. “You try not to make it obvious but it’s obvious to me. That’s what makes you stand out.” He whispered this still close to your neck.
You couldn’t say anything for a while. You felt his lips on your neck which made you flinch a little. You felt him get closer to you so your body’s where touching. You placed a hand on his chest. You felt him move away from your neck. “Sasuke-“You started off saying until he cut you off by kissing you hard on the lips.
Sasuke let go of your hand and your shoulder and moved them on your shoulders and then slowly trailed them down your breasts. This made you whimper a little causing your heart rate to increase. You heard him chuckle darkly. He then slowly moved them down to your waist and then down to your bum, squeezing it a little causing you to moan a little and automatically moving your leg up on his waist. You could feel his erection when you did this. You blushed, embarrassed. Without asking permission he sneaked his tongue in your mouth. You wrapped you arms around his neck and then started running your fingers through his hair. After a while it felt good, feeling his erection rub against you. Suddenly out of nowhere you jumped on him and he quickly grabbed you legs for support.
Sasuke then broke the kiss and then started to kiss your neck and then he bit gently as he trailed down to your collar bone. You felt something dripping down your neck. You felt your neck with two fingers to inspect what i was. “Sorry, I guess I got a little carried away.” He said, in a husky voice. You then realised it was your blood. Then you felt his tongue slide up against where you felt the blood to. Sasuke started unbuttoning your shirt. You tightened your grip around his waist and started moving your hips in a grinding motion around his erection to tease him. This made him groan a little. After he was done unbuttoning your shirt he discarded it on the floor. Sasuke then grabbed the cup of your bra and then pulled it down revealing your chest to him. You where so thankful that it was dark in there as you where blushing like crazy. “Sasuke.” You moaned. You could feel yourself getting wet down below as you where majorly turned on by this side of Sasuke.
Sasuke then started to suck on your breast causing you to throw your head back and moan in pleasure. You then clawed his back with both hands and started digging your nails in him, dragging them up and then back down again. You took of his white ghee (what he wears in shippuden), leaving it drop to the floor with a slight thud. Sasuke moved his hands up to your jeans started undoing them. You then had to un- wrap your legs around him as he Sasuke was in the way. Once your pants where of you, you jumped straight back on him like a magnet. “Steady.” He giggled, holding your legs again. You once again felt his erection but this time it was longer and harder. He slowly rubbed his hands up and down your thigh and then down your legs and then back up to your thigh, causing you to shiver from pleasure. With your feet you manage to pull his trousers off, he stepped out of it.
You felt one of Sasukes hands leave your leg and now only one was supporting your leg on his waist. Without warning Sasuke forced two of his fingers through your tight wet flower, causing you to scream a little. You buried you face in his shoulder, muffling any screams/ moans. Sasuke motioned his fingers in a circular motion, preparing you for the real thing. You groaned in his shoulder and then moved you hand on his erection, feeling him in your hand. You played with the tip of him, teasing him, causing Sasuke to groan and buck in your hand for more. You felt him leave you and then heard him sniff something. “Lust.” He moaned as he licked his fingers.
After a long pause he then went inside you, the real thing this time. He went in slightly slower this time compared to his fingers. Sasuke let go of your legs relying on your to stay around his waist on your own. He then ran his fingers down your hair causing some of the heat from your head to escape. You tightened you grip around his waist and again grinded against him causing more pleasurable friction between you two. Sasuke bucked into you, wanting more from you.
Sasuke was a little painful at first due to the fact that he was long. Then it started feeling good. “Sasuke!” You gasped. “Faster!” you groaned. “Be quiet.” He demanded. He did get faster. You leaned in for another kiss and he kissed back. You then managed to put your legs on his shoulders for a better position, still grinding deep in his waist. You bit his lip as you felt yourself cumming. You yelled his name as you came and he came at the same time as you. You felt you juices mix together. “Sasuke.” You panted. “____.” He replied. 10mns later you where both dressed and decided to walk out of the closet.
Everybody gasped. “____, what happened to you?” Sakura asked, looking horrified. Sasuke looked at you and said “Hmph”. With a slight smirk. “What do you mean?” You asked and looked in the mirror that was hanging on the wall. You noticed that your neck had dried blood on it form where Sasuke bit it and made you bleed. “I thought you licked all of the blood off.” You said to Sasuke without thinking. “Thought I’d save some for later.” He smirked. “Anyway I need to speak to you.” He said, on a more serious tone, dropping his smirk. “Okay.” You said, nervously.
You followed Sasuke outside. He turned around to face you. “Thank you for not being like those other girls and smothering me all the time, despite how you feel about me.” He said in a low voice. “And I just want to say that because of that, as I said you stand out from the other girls. So um... Do you want to be my girlfriend?” Was Sasuke blushing? You basically said yes and had a long happy, healthy relationship. 

Orochimaru lemon

You where sat down in a circle, playing 7 minutes in heaven – spin the bottle style in your house in Konoha. It was your 18th birthday and everybody came over to celebrate. Even some members of the ANBU black ops where here, covered by their masks, obviously. You didn’t really like anyone in Konoha. Anyway it was your turn to spin the bottle. You spun it quickly so it took its time to stop to land on someone.
When the bottle finally stopped it stopped on an ANBU black ops member still wearing his mask. “Okay, who’s this guy?” You asked. You looked around the circle at everyone waiting for an answer. Everyone shrugged, looking confused.
The black ops member spoke, “Don’t worry, I will take care of her. I am a proud member of the black ops party.” He said, sounding as if he were trying to disguise his voice. “Okay whatever, goody-two-shoes. Let’s just get this over with.” You sighed getting up.
The black ops member stood up aswell, following you in the closet. The door shut behind you leaving you in total darkness. You sighed thinking nothing was going to happen so you leaned your back against the wall with your arms folded.
“Oh and i almost forgot...” The black ops member said. “Happy birthday.” He added on, dropping the disguise in his voice. You remembered the voice. It belonged to Orochimaru. “You!” You accused. Then you heard him taking of his mask, so he could speak to you properly.
“What are you doing here?” You asked, before he had a chance to say anything else. “You know, you’re very much like Sasuke.” He said, sounding as if he was ignoring your question. “I’m nothing like him.” You replied, in a dark tone. “Now, now. We all know you have similar traits-“You cut him off: “Look, if its Sasuke you want just go after the real thing and not somebody who is a body double.” You snapped.
“There you go again. You sure are a fighstey little girl, aren’t you.” He giggled. You said nothing; instead you gritted your teeth.  You heard footsteps, getting closer to you so you backed up but realising you where already leaning against a wall. You started cursing yourself for this. In panic you turned around to reach for the door but couldn’t find the handle causing you to panic even more. You started to shake in fear. Strangely enough you where getting seduced by the fear and evil.
The footsteps stopped so you turned around so your back was facing the wall again. “I could make you strong.” He said, making you freeze up. He was so close to you. “Im already strong I don’t need the help of a most wanted ninja criminal such as yourself!” You snapped back. “What do you want with me anyway?” You asked. “The same thing I wanted from Sasuke.” He said. “Your body, but in a much more different way” He added.
Your eyes widened looking up at him trying to make out his facial features. You made out his body outline. Then you saw his snake-like eyes staring hard back into yours. You looked down trying to hide your blush. You didn’t want him to know that you where seduced by him so you played hard to get.
“Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you.” You said, about to slide away until he walked up closer so you two where inches away from each other.  Because of the height difference you head came up to the top of his chest, just underneath his collarbone. You could feel his warm breath on you now. This made you blush even more so you decided to keep your head down. That was until Orochimaru placed his finger on your chin and lifted it up so he could look deep into your eyes again. Your blush darkened so you closed your eyes breaking the contact and tried moving your face away. Then with his other hand he stroked your face. His touch was gentle and cold.
You stopped fighting and looked back up into his eyes as he stared down into yours. Suddenly you felt him plant his lips onto yours. He kissed you slowly and you eventually kissed back after the shock of him kissing you subsided. Then you realised he would think that you like him back if you started kissing him back so you pulled away and pushed him. “Stop, get back! I’m warning you.” You yelled.
Because it was dark in their you couldn’t see how far you pushed him so you tried scanning the room to try and find his outline again. Catching you of guard Orochimaru pushed you back but luckily you where already against the wall. He grabbed your wrists and placed them above your head.
“That wasn’t very nice.” He said, toying with you. You felt him lick the side of your face and then he went down to your neck. You tried to break free from his grasp but he was to strong. You didn’t know what was keeping your real feelings towards him come out. You wanted him there and then but didn’t wasn’t him knowing.
“Your mine.” He whispered biting your neck. you screamed out a little. He then did the same to the other side of your neck. You screamed out a little more losing feeling in your legs. “Giving up already? And I thought you said you where strong.” He whispered in your ear, toying with you some more. With one move Orochimaru was holding your wrists with just one of his hands now. You tried fighting it but he was to strong.
With his free hand he held your waist and pulled you into him. Your blush came rushing back. It was like he was hugging you, tightly. He breathed in slowly. Then his hand went to your waist and started wandering up your shirt. “Hey!” You snapped. He chuckled darkly still in your ear. This made you even more aroused.
 With his hand he gently stroked the dent in your back (the spinal area) up and down. Of course his touch was cold so you shivered slightly, arching your back a little which made you push your body in to his a little harder. You blushed as you could feel his erection. “Well, Im not the only one who’s enjoying this.” You said aloud in a cocky tone. “So your now starting to enjoy this, eh?” He said. Oh crap, now he knows. You started stuttering trying to find words.
He started kissing you. This time it was harder and more fierce. Without asking permission he forced his tongue into your mouth. You groaned at the feel of his tongue sliding on your tongue. His hand moved to your front and touched your breast causing you to flinch as you had no bra on. You couldn’t do anything back so instead you tried grinding yourself in him, rubbing against his erection, teasing him a little. He groaned a bit, silently cursing to himself that he lip his moans slip out loud enough for you to hear.

 “You have to stop this.” You whispered to him. You heard him moving about but didn’t know he was doing, all you knew was that he moved in closer to you. You felt his breath on your neck. “Getting bored are we?” He replied, biting the other side of your neck. You managed to hold back this scream and groaned through gritted teeth. You felt a burning sensation on your neck, as if it were on fire. The pain was excruciating. He moved his hand down to your thigh and he made it up your skirt. “What are you doing? Stop this!” You managed to say in a weak voice. Ignoring your commands he gently made his fingers in side of you, feeling how wet you really where.
You groaned unconsciously and moaned his name several times without thinking. “Let... Let me go.” You ordered. Surprisingly he did. So you grabbed on to his shoulder with both hands and nuzzled you head in his chest, panting. “I can’t fight you anymore.” You mumbled. You heard him chuckle a little as his fingers left you. You started taking his clothes off as he took yours off. Your hands instantly grabbed his man rod making him twitch a little to your touch. You teased him by rubbing the base. He helled on to you by putting his arm around your waist (like a hug). You then extended you hand and fingers down his length. He stopped you by grabbing your hand. He then yanked your arm in his direction, away from his body causing you to drop down onto your knees. He then lowered himself to your level by kneeling on his knees aswell.
He grabbed your arms and then bit your shoulder and then quickly covered you mouth with his hand. You then let out a very loud scream as you weren’t expecting him to do that. The pain was worst then the pain on your neck. When you calmed down you extended your legs out so you could wrap your legs around his waist (Basically you where both sat on the floor and you where sitting on top of him, facing him). Returning the favour he did to you, you licked his face and then his neck leaving little love bites as you trailed your way down. He held your naked body tightly to his, hugging you in by your back. He then positioned himself so that he could enter your body. Now his long, hard man rod was inside of you. You started moaning unconsciously.
Your bodies then started moving in a forwards and backwards motion, slowly. You both where sweating, groaning and panting. You looked up and closed you eyes digging your nails in his back, scratching him a little. He looked up at you grinned. You then wrapped your legs around his waist, tightly, feeling even more friction. This was when Orochimaru took over. He layed you on the floor so he was now on top and he grabbed your legs and hoisted them over his shoulders. You moaned his name even louder, squirming underneath him.
 He bit you again and again. You couldn’t tell where as your body was immune to the pain and you where a little numb. He placed his hands on your erected nipples and moved his hands slowly up and down them, causing you to moan at his touch. You let out a long sigh when you both finally came.
After getting back dressed, Orochimaru put back on his ANBU black ops mask. When you two walked out everyone stared at you and gasped. You started getting really paranoid. You and ANBU Orochimaru walked out. He had his hand around your waist as you to where leaving the building. “Bye guys!” You yelled out and dashed through the door.

Orochimaru dropped you off to your house. “Maybe we can do that again sometime, but Ill be sure to be more rough with you next time.” He said, holding your hands and grinning evilly whilst looking into your eyes. “How about now?” You replied. “For how long?” he asked. “All night... and maybe all day tomorrow.” You smirked.            
Before getting into bed you looked in the mirror and gasped. Your whole body was covered in curse marks. “You sure have marked you territory.” You mumbled under your breath, hoping he didn’t hear you.  “Well what can I say? Your screams where priceless.” He said, grinning leaning in the doorway, watching you study yourself. He came up closer to you and leaned in for a kiss but he bit you lip instead. 

Gaara lemon

7 Minutes In heaven- Gaara
It was your turn. You stood up and reached in to the hat and pulled out a neatly folded up piece of paper. You unravelled it and it said ‘Gaara’. “I got Gaara.” You said, trying to hide the excitement in your voice. “I didn’t even put my name in.” Gaara grunted, remaining sat down in his seat with his arms folded. There was an awkward moment of silence from everyone in the room. Everyone was too scared to argue with someone like Gaara so they just stayed silent expecting someone to break the silence.
“Well I’ll go in on my own then.” You said, expecting him to follow you into the closet from guilt. He didn’t. You closed the door behind yourself and released a long, lonely sigh. You sat down in the corner of the room and hugged your knees, staring at the floor. Suddenly there was a draft in the closet, as if someone had opened the door and it randomly led outside. You jumped to your feet, startled. Not knowing your actions. After a while you just sat back down and hugged your knees again. You stared back at the floor again and from the tiny amount of light that was beaming through the bottom of the door you saw, what it looked like, sand. Without thinking you reached out a hand and poked out your index finger and started making pictures with the sand. You drew stick people and houses. “Having fun, there?” A voice in the closet asked, sounding irritated. You gasped and jumped back up to your feet. You recognised the voice. It sounded like Gaara’s voice.
You let out a relieved sigh now knowing who it was and remained standing. “Maybe, I’m just bored. Didn’t expect to be here on my own.” You replied. “Why did you come in here with me?” You asked. “Loneliness... isn’t the preferred emotion. But don’t expect me to get physical with you. I’d rather kill you.” He demanded on a more aggressive tone. You didn’t reply back to him. Instead you were thinking all the things between you and Gaara what could have been happening by now. But even these thoughts made your stomach go in knots as you felt so strongly for him. You lost yourself in a daze. “Are you scared of being in here with me?” Gaara asked, judging by your silence. “No. Why would I be?” You answered, giving him a question in return. “Because... I could kill you.” Gaara replied. “I know you won’t. You don’t have a reason to.” You replied. Gaara didn’t say anything after this.
“Gaara... Now that we are in here and all... I just want to tell you something...” You started saying, trying to gather up the courage to tell him how you really felt. Gaara didn’t reply, instead he just waited patiently in silence. You were going to say that you where in love with him although you where to scared. “Never mind.” You sighed. There was a LONG pause form both of you.
“Tell me... Or I’ll kill you.” Gaara said, in a deep, harsh tone which sent shivers down your spine. Your heart rate immediately quickened. “Um, well...You see there, um... Is this, er.” You stuttered, trying to push out the words. Suddenly you felt some sort of substance tightly wrap around your body squeezing you tight. You could hardly breathe as it lifted you off the ground. It felt like... SAND! Of course. “Gaara...” You barley managed to say in a weak voice. “Your life depends on you telling me what you where just about to say. You have 1 minute to confess” Gaara demanded, sounding agitated.
“I, I....I lo.... I love you, god dammit, Gaara! Now let me go!” You managed to yell with your last breath. You thought you were going to pass out as you couldn’t breathe any more.  The sand was crushing you and it felt impossible to breathe. You began to panic. It hurt as you tried to breathe and it hurt more letting the excess air from your lungs escape. You felt your heart beat grow heavy and slow down as if it was your body’s natural way of telling you to breathe, or die.
Suddenly just before you felt as if you were going to die something hit you, hard. On the left side of your body. You where surprised you wasn’t knocked out. Then you realised your body wasn’t being crushed anymore. And then the obvious came. You weren’t attacked. Gaara had letted you go, sending you to fall to the floor.
You grunted as you tried getting up. When you managed to stand up properly and breathe at a normal pace you looked at Gaara (from the little light that was shinning form underneath the doorway). You could JUST make out an outline. You were going to collapse right there on the floor. You felt your knees weakening. You then gave in to it and then were about to fall until Gaara grabbed you. He grabbed you by your waist.  You placed your hands around his neck. “Are you alright?” Gaara asked. “Yeah, fine.” You answered. “Love...?” Gaara asked. You then when red as you remembered what you said to him. You letted him carry on. “I am not familiar with this emotion.” He said, with arms still tightly wrapped around your waist. Gaara lightly rested his chin on your shoulder.
Gaara then lightly moved his head to the side so he was facing your neck. He then started to lightly brushed his lips against your neck. You shivered a little. You started stroking his hair. Gaara stopped his actions and then turned to look at you. “Keep still.” He ordered. You did as you where told as he placed his hands tightly on your hips and leaned in. Kissing gently at first you didn’t know if he was or not. Then you kissed back. Gaara started getting fiercer through the kiss and licked your lip for entrance. You allowed him to explore your mouth and he let you do the same. You broke the kiss first for air pushing him.
Gaara eventually fell to the floor grabbing on to your hips so he could bring you down with him.  As Gaara landed on his back you landed on top of him. He took of his gourd and placed his hands back on your hips. You had an idea and then started grinding against him. As you did this he reached under your shirt, grabbing your breast. You flinched at how cold his hands where so as punishment you grinded harder against him, feeling the heat of his manhood as it began to harden. Gaara started groaning silently.
Gaara didn’t like the fact that you had this much dominance against him so he sat up, grabbed your wrists and twisted your body so he was no on top.

“Gaara... what are you doing.” You asked trying to get out of his grip. “It’s Kazekage.” He said huskily, gently holing your wrists down so they where above your head. He leaned for another kiss but nibbled gently on your lips. Then he moved down to your neck and started to nibble and then suck at your sweet spot making you moaned his name.
Gaara started moving towards your chest and then realised that your shirt was in the way so he managed to quickly undo it with his teeth. When the shirt was out of the way he teased you by licking the path between your breasts. “Just... take it... off.” You pleaded, panting in-between your words. Without replying to your statement he held your wrists with one hand and with the other hand he massaged your covered breast, making you feel dizzy from the pleasure for a moment. Then without warning he unhooked it and took it off, leaving the top half of your body revealed to him.
He took a while, trying to make out your body in the dark, staring. “Stop staring.” You giggled. “You’re just so beautiful.” He said in his usual sandy voice (See what I did there). “Gaara we’re in the dark.” You reminded him slightly offended. “I can see you... clear as day.” He mumbled in your ear. You jumped because you didn’t see or feel him get closer to you. He chuckled darkly, letting your wrists go and sliding his hands down your curves to your waist.
Gaara then leaned down and started biting down on your nipples causing you to bite on your lip to stop letting out a groan. He bit a little harder causing you to yelp a little. He got his way when you finally did this. Then he started kissing you gently down your stomach, going further down. As Gaara started at your trousers you sat up in an attempt to take of his shirt. When he finally took of your trousers and panties you were still trying to take of his shirt. He placed a hand on your chest, gently pushing you back on the ground.
There was a long pause as Gaara didn’t do anything for a while. Then he leaned in and started to lick your area causing you to gasp his name in shock. His tongue then started entering you roughly, causing you to curl your toes and moan. Stopping half way he climbed on top of you. You then felt why he took so long earlier and it was to take of his shirt. You placed hand on his chest feeling his toned body, outlining his muscles with a finger.
He then positioned himself inside of you and then entered, causing you to let out a soft cry. Gaara waited for a while so you could get use to his (big) size. Then he pounded in and out of you at a slow pace, wrapping your legs tightly around his waist. He moved his head against the side of your so you could feel his warm breath on your ear. He gently groaned as he bit on your ear, running his tongue against it, slowly. You grabbed onto his hair and with the other hand you grabbed onto his perfectly tight ass, making him groan and suck the soft spot on your neck.

“Gaara, is this...your first time?” You giggled, panting through words. “Actually, I was saving myself for the person who would accept me for what I am.” Gaara replied. “For... whom you are.” You corrected him. Just then you felt each other release came. As you came you grabbed on to his hair tighter and screamed his name through ecstasy. Gaara started panting more heavily through your ear, making you want him all over again.
“I love you Mr. Kazekage.” You said, trying to sound seductive. “I love you to ____.” He replied, slowly getting up to put his clothes back on. You sat up and Gaara leant you a hand to help you get up. Taking his offer you stood up, giving him a sneaky kiss on the cheeck as he turned away to get his shirt on. “Later.” He replied. Blushing, you placed your clothes back on and headed out the door with him.
From that point on you became Mrs. Kazekage. 

Hidan Lemon

It wasn’t anyone’s birthday or anything, the Akatsuki had finished their missions and where on top of everything. Tobi was bored and kept bragging everyone to play a game. As a joke Diedara suggested 7 minutes in heaven and everyone agreed.
“Tobi first!” He yelled, standing up. He reached into the hat and pulled out a folded up piece of paper. He impatiently unravelled it and took a look. He took a while reading it. “Tobi got Sasori!” He yelled, showing the piece of paper to everyone.  
He walked to the closet with Sasori following behind him with his head down through shame that he had to go in with Tobi. Out off the Akatsuki members it had to be him.
You sighed though boredom and looked around at the rest of the Akatsuki members. Zetsu was arguing quietly with himself, Konan was playing with carpet between her crossed legs, the leader was starring at the ceiling, and then there was Hidan who was staring at you. 
You didn’t hesitate to look away though. Instead you stared straight into his dangerous, purple eyes as they watched you carefully, like a predator watching its prey and waiting for the perfect time to kill. 
The 7 minutes were up and Tobi and Sasori walked out of the cupboard. “What a lunatic.” Sasori mumbled with his head down, arms folded. “Sempai! Sasori wasn’t playing nice!” Tobi yelled.
It was now your turn to reach into the hat. You grabbed a piece of folded paper and yanked your hand out. Unravelling the paper your eyes scanned it trying to figure out who you had to spend 7 minutes in the closet with. The paper had a drawn on red circle with a triangle in the middle, some sort of symbol.
“The hell...?” You muttered. You showed everyone your paper, asking them who it belong to. “That would be Hidan.” His partner said. Your eyes shot over to him to see what his response would be. He stood up and leaned back, cracking his back.
You sighed out of impatience and walked into the closet, Hidan following behind. He slammed the door behind himself leaving you both in total darkness. “What the hell?!” You yelled, looking around to try and make out his figure in the dark.
“Where are you?” You asked. There was no answer. “Answer me!” You demanded. Suddenly you something pushed you and you hit the wall behind yourself, gasping at the sudden contact. “That wasn’t funny.” You said, trying to catch your breath.
You tried to push him of but his body weight was keeping you pressed up against the wall. You kept your mouth shut and grinded your teeth through anger. “Let me go.” You ordered. “Or what, bitch?” He mocked, taking of your Akatsuki cloak and then pressing your shoulders against the wall.
“You can’t do shit to me. Im much stronger than you are.” He said, biting down on your ear. “What are you going to do? Sacrifice me to your god?” You mocked. “No. Im going to fuck you in this Goddamn closet and make you scream for fucking mercy.” He threatened. “I’d like to see you try.” You challenged, trying to push him of.
“And give me back my cloak.” You added, reaching for your cloak that was on the ground. “I don’t think so, bitch!” He snapped, pushing more of his body weight on you, stopping you from reaching for your coat. You grunted at the feeling of being pressed up against him.
Since your hands where free you slid them down his body onto his man rod, squeezing it, expecting him to let you go. That way you could escape. “That won’t work, every pain I receive it pleasure to me.” He grinned, moving to your ear. “Keep your hand down there though.” He chuckled darkly making you shiver.
You instantly let go causing him to quickly grab your wrists and pin them up against your head. “Why the fuck not?” He growled, breathing down onto your neck, turning you on slightly. You moved your neck to the side, avoiding contact.
“Hidan, its not that I don’t want to, it’s just that Im not in the mood right now.” You whispered, truthly. “That’s the whole fucking point of being raped, dumb bitch.” He answered, holding both of your wrists with just one of his hands.
With his spare hand he ripped of your top and moved his hand around your aching chest, teasing you a little. You arched your back into him, forcing his hand to retouch certain areas again. “Like that?” He chuckled, unzipping his pants.
“Stop, not yet.” You whispered, crossing you legs so he won’t be able to have access there. “That’s not fucking stopping me!” He said, letting go of your other hand and forcing your legs wide enough to jam him inside of you. You let out a scream and rested you hands on his shoulders, grabbing handfuls of his Akatsuki cloak.
He grabbed onto your hips tightly as he pounded inside of you. You let out a couple of groans, secretly enjoying it. He was pretty violent with you.
“H- H- Hidan!” You yelled, stuttering whenever he hit your sweat spot, filling your body with the ecstasy that it screamed for. “Times almost u- up!” You added.
Ignoring your statement he bit down on your nipple, pulling on it a little with his teeth making you moan. You wrapped you legs around him and called out his name, feeling your release comming.

You could tell that Hidan felt his release comming aswell. “Oh lord Jashin! I could do this all fucking day!” He groaned, bouncing you on his dick a little harder. He clawed into your hips a little harder, drawing blood.
Somehow this made the both of you release at the same time. You screamed Hidans name out in a high pitched scream filled with absolute ecstasy of pleasure.
Hidan fell to his knees and grabbed onto your hips, keeping you still. Then he started moving his tongue across where he had been clawing at licking up the blood. Then when he finished there he moved his tongue into your area and started moving his warm, wet muscle inside of your bud causing you to moan unexpectedly.
“Hidan stop!” You ordered.  “No fucking way! Don’t deny the fact that you actually like this. I can tell by your moans.” He said, standing back up.
“Where’s my shirt?” You sighed. He chuckled softly. “Were not done yet... turn around.” You glared at him wishing he could see it. “I said turn the fuck around!” He ordered, slamming his hands beside you on the wall.
You slowly turned around and bit your lip. He started by gently kissing your neck and grabbing your breasts. Then out of nowhere he forced himself inside of you, causing you to hit the cold wall in front of you, pressing the rest of your body against it.
You groaned again at the sudden contact. He slammed in and out of you making your body slap against the wall several times. His hands moved down to your hips, grabbing onto them for better support. This time you didn’t hold back the moans, instead you let them all out. “Ah Hidan! Right there!” You yelled, as your cheeck was slamming against the cold wall in front of you.
He chuckled to himself and placed his head on your shoulder, breathing in your ear. He stuck two of his fingers from you front entrance and then forced them in your mouth. “Taste yourself, bitch.” He ordered. You could smell your juice on his fingers and the smell was a turn on, making you feel your release come quicker. You allowed his fingers to enter your mouth, sucking the juice of his finger and then licking of the excess.
“Good dog.” “I’m not a fucking dog you bastard!!” You yelled. “Prefer to be called a bitch?” He mocked. “Maybe.” You answered. Well it was better then being called a dog. “Suit yourself, bitch. You dirty fucking bitch.” He growled.
You rolled your eyes up in the back of your head as you felt your second release comming. When it came you let out a low groan and curled you hands into fists. This release felt better then the first one. More ecstasy had been flowing through you body.

Hidans animal like groans turned demonic as his release also came. When he finished he released the grip on your hips and leaned against the wall.
“That was fun, hidan. Rape me again sometime?” You giggled, putting your clothes back on. “You enjoyed being rape? Bitch.” He sighed, getting his trousers back on followed by his Akatsuki cloak.
As you two exited the closet everyone was staring at you like: O.O
“That was a little longer than 7 minutes, un.” Diedara said, stating the obvious. “Maybe they were playing a game and weren’t quite finished yet, sempai.” Tobi said, in reply to Diedaras statement.  Diedara rolled his eyes and looked like: ¬¬ 

Friday, 13 July 2012

Itachi lemon

NOTE: This is my very first lemon. So, sorry if it's crap. Whatever.

You looked around as you picked up a number. Sakura looked over your shoulder and giggled innocently. “He’s already in the closet waiting.” She smiled. “But I don’t even know who it is.” You said, stalling for time. “Don’t worry, just go in there.” She said, pushing you into the closet. You quickly scanned the dark room to try and find a familiar face. You couldn’t see anyone at the moment. Sakura closed the door. “Hello?” You asked, nervously. Then you though that Sakura was playing a cruel trick on you. “I seriously doubt that there is somebody in here” You said aloud. Suddenly you felt a hand across your mouth. Out of shock you started to breathe heavily out of your nose.

Then you felt someone’s warm breath on your neck. “Wrong.” The male voice said. You recognised the voice straight away. “Itachi?” You asked, muffled in his hand. He removed his hand and turned around to face him, even though it was dark in there. You were going to ask what he wanted to do until he surprised you by grabbing you by the shoulders and pushing you hard against the closet wall. “What are you do-“You started to ask but was cut off by him kissing you. Without asking permission he forced his tongue in your mouth causing you to moan slightly. Itachi grabbed you by your wrists and pulled them above your head. He then started biting gently at your neck causing you to moan louder. He crushed his body against yours causing you to feel his bulge so you managed to fight your way out of one hand so that it was free and slide your hand down his chest and then down to his groin, rubbing it. This made him groan.

He let go of your hands and made his way up through your top finding your breast. He cupped it squeezed it slightly and bit into your neck a lot harder, causing you to groan through your gritted teeth. “Itachi.” You panted. “Be quiet!” He cooed. With his other hand he then slid them up your skirt through your damp pants. You blushed as he ripped them off. You then groaned when he stuck two of his fingers inside of you. You squirmed and arched your back to get more pleasure out of it. He then unbuttoned your shirt and pulled your bra off revealing your bare breasts to him. It was a good thing he didn’t see you blushing like crazy. You could feel the heat inside your cheeks. His fingers started pumping inside of you. You grabbed onto his cloak, tight. “Wait.” You said, wondering how far he wanted to go with you.

“What?” He grunted. You told him. You liked Itachi but didn’t want to have sex with him in a closet. Especially if it was the first place to lose your virginity. “Stop wasting my time.” He said, and pulled his fingers out of you and hoisted you up on the wall by holding your legs. He started grinding against you, causing friction. You could feel his erection through his clothes. He then unzipped his pants, pulling out his hard cock. He then forced his way into you causing you to scream a little. “You’re so tight.” He groaned. He then started sucking on your breast, biting your erect nipple and twisting it a little. You groaned loudly. He started pumping into you faster. After a while of it hurting a little it then became pleasurable. He then started grinding his hips into your waist causing more friction and pleasure. You moaned his name, panting. “What is it now?” He snapped. “I’m a virgin.” You confessed. “I know, i wanted to be your first.” He said making his way to your mouth and kissing you hard. You then came and felt the innocent blood run down your leg. He came with you. You both moaned together, panting, sweating. Sakura knocked on the door. “Timed up, love birds.” She said.