Saturday, 21 July 2012

Gaara lemon

7 Minutes In heaven- Gaara
It was your turn. You stood up and reached in to the hat and pulled out a neatly folded up piece of paper. You unravelled it and it said ‘Gaara’. “I got Gaara.” You said, trying to hide the excitement in your voice. “I didn’t even put my name in.” Gaara grunted, remaining sat down in his seat with his arms folded. There was an awkward moment of silence from everyone in the room. Everyone was too scared to argue with someone like Gaara so they just stayed silent expecting someone to break the silence.
“Well I’ll go in on my own then.” You said, expecting him to follow you into the closet from guilt. He didn’t. You closed the door behind yourself and released a long, lonely sigh. You sat down in the corner of the room and hugged your knees, staring at the floor. Suddenly there was a draft in the closet, as if someone had opened the door and it randomly led outside. You jumped to your feet, startled. Not knowing your actions. After a while you just sat back down and hugged your knees again. You stared back at the floor again and from the tiny amount of light that was beaming through the bottom of the door you saw, what it looked like, sand. Without thinking you reached out a hand and poked out your index finger and started making pictures with the sand. You drew stick people and houses. “Having fun, there?” A voice in the closet asked, sounding irritated. You gasped and jumped back up to your feet. You recognised the voice. It sounded like Gaara’s voice.
You let out a relieved sigh now knowing who it was and remained standing. “Maybe, I’m just bored. Didn’t expect to be here on my own.” You replied. “Why did you come in here with me?” You asked. “Loneliness... isn’t the preferred emotion. But don’t expect me to get physical with you. I’d rather kill you.” He demanded on a more aggressive tone. You didn’t reply back to him. Instead you were thinking all the things between you and Gaara what could have been happening by now. But even these thoughts made your stomach go in knots as you felt so strongly for him. You lost yourself in a daze. “Are you scared of being in here with me?” Gaara asked, judging by your silence. “No. Why would I be?” You answered, giving him a question in return. “Because... I could kill you.” Gaara replied. “I know you won’t. You don’t have a reason to.” You replied. Gaara didn’t say anything after this.
“Gaara... Now that we are in here and all... I just want to tell you something...” You started saying, trying to gather up the courage to tell him how you really felt. Gaara didn’t reply, instead he just waited patiently in silence. You were going to say that you where in love with him although you where to scared. “Never mind.” You sighed. There was a LONG pause form both of you.
“Tell me... Or I’ll kill you.” Gaara said, in a deep, harsh tone which sent shivers down your spine. Your heart rate immediately quickened. “Um, well...You see there, um... Is this, er.” You stuttered, trying to push out the words. Suddenly you felt some sort of substance tightly wrap around your body squeezing you tight. You could hardly breathe as it lifted you off the ground. It felt like... SAND! Of course. “Gaara...” You barley managed to say in a weak voice. “Your life depends on you telling me what you where just about to say. You have 1 minute to confess” Gaara demanded, sounding agitated.
“I, I....I lo.... I love you, god dammit, Gaara! Now let me go!” You managed to yell with your last breath. You thought you were going to pass out as you couldn’t breathe any more.  The sand was crushing you and it felt impossible to breathe. You began to panic. It hurt as you tried to breathe and it hurt more letting the excess air from your lungs escape. You felt your heart beat grow heavy and slow down as if it was your body’s natural way of telling you to breathe, or die.
Suddenly just before you felt as if you were going to die something hit you, hard. On the left side of your body. You where surprised you wasn’t knocked out. Then you realised your body wasn’t being crushed anymore. And then the obvious came. You weren’t attacked. Gaara had letted you go, sending you to fall to the floor.
You grunted as you tried getting up. When you managed to stand up properly and breathe at a normal pace you looked at Gaara (from the little light that was shinning form underneath the doorway). You could JUST make out an outline. You were going to collapse right there on the floor. You felt your knees weakening. You then gave in to it and then were about to fall until Gaara grabbed you. He grabbed you by your waist.  You placed your hands around his neck. “Are you alright?” Gaara asked. “Yeah, fine.” You answered. “Love...?” Gaara asked. You then when red as you remembered what you said to him. You letted him carry on. “I am not familiar with this emotion.” He said, with arms still tightly wrapped around your waist. Gaara lightly rested his chin on your shoulder.
Gaara then lightly moved his head to the side so he was facing your neck. He then started to lightly brushed his lips against your neck. You shivered a little. You started stroking his hair. Gaara stopped his actions and then turned to look at you. “Keep still.” He ordered. You did as you where told as he placed his hands tightly on your hips and leaned in. Kissing gently at first you didn’t know if he was or not. Then you kissed back. Gaara started getting fiercer through the kiss and licked your lip for entrance. You allowed him to explore your mouth and he let you do the same. You broke the kiss first for air pushing him.
Gaara eventually fell to the floor grabbing on to your hips so he could bring you down with him.  As Gaara landed on his back you landed on top of him. He took of his gourd and placed his hands back on your hips. You had an idea and then started grinding against him. As you did this he reached under your shirt, grabbing your breast. You flinched at how cold his hands where so as punishment you grinded harder against him, feeling the heat of his manhood as it began to harden. Gaara started groaning silently.
Gaara didn’t like the fact that you had this much dominance against him so he sat up, grabbed your wrists and twisted your body so he was no on top.

“Gaara... what are you doing.” You asked trying to get out of his grip. “It’s Kazekage.” He said huskily, gently holing your wrists down so they where above your head. He leaned for another kiss but nibbled gently on your lips. Then he moved down to your neck and started to nibble and then suck at your sweet spot making you moaned his name.
Gaara started moving towards your chest and then realised that your shirt was in the way so he managed to quickly undo it with his teeth. When the shirt was out of the way he teased you by licking the path between your breasts. “Just... take it... off.” You pleaded, panting in-between your words. Without replying to your statement he held your wrists with one hand and with the other hand he massaged your covered breast, making you feel dizzy from the pleasure for a moment. Then without warning he unhooked it and took it off, leaving the top half of your body revealed to him.
He took a while, trying to make out your body in the dark, staring. “Stop staring.” You giggled. “You’re just so beautiful.” He said in his usual sandy voice (See what I did there). “Gaara we’re in the dark.” You reminded him slightly offended. “I can see you... clear as day.” He mumbled in your ear. You jumped because you didn’t see or feel him get closer to you. He chuckled darkly, letting your wrists go and sliding his hands down your curves to your waist.
Gaara then leaned down and started biting down on your nipples causing you to bite on your lip to stop letting out a groan. He bit a little harder causing you to yelp a little. He got his way when you finally did this. Then he started kissing you gently down your stomach, going further down. As Gaara started at your trousers you sat up in an attempt to take of his shirt. When he finally took of your trousers and panties you were still trying to take of his shirt. He placed a hand on your chest, gently pushing you back on the ground.
There was a long pause as Gaara didn’t do anything for a while. Then he leaned in and started to lick your area causing you to gasp his name in shock. His tongue then started entering you roughly, causing you to curl your toes and moan. Stopping half way he climbed on top of you. You then felt why he took so long earlier and it was to take of his shirt. You placed hand on his chest feeling his toned body, outlining his muscles with a finger.
He then positioned himself inside of you and then entered, causing you to let out a soft cry. Gaara waited for a while so you could get use to his (big) size. Then he pounded in and out of you at a slow pace, wrapping your legs tightly around his waist. He moved his head against the side of your so you could feel his warm breath on your ear. He gently groaned as he bit on your ear, running his tongue against it, slowly. You grabbed onto his hair and with the other hand you grabbed onto his perfectly tight ass, making him groan and suck the soft spot on your neck.

“Gaara, is this...your first time?” You giggled, panting through words. “Actually, I was saving myself for the person who would accept me for what I am.” Gaara replied. “For... whom you are.” You corrected him. Just then you felt each other release came. As you came you grabbed on to his hair tighter and screamed his name through ecstasy. Gaara started panting more heavily through your ear, making you want him all over again.
“I love you Mr. Kazekage.” You said, trying to sound seductive. “I love you to ____.” He replied, slowly getting up to put his clothes back on. You sat up and Gaara leant you a hand to help you get up. Taking his offer you stood up, giving him a sneaky kiss on the cheeck as he turned away to get his shirt on. “Later.” He replied. Blushing, you placed your clothes back on and headed out the door with him.
From that point on you became Mrs. Kazekage. 


  1. u r talented at writing stuff i really like that

    1. Oh my god, I'm so sorry for getting back to you five years later! I just wanted to thank you for your comment. So, thank you so much!

  2. This is really good I hope I can make something like this!!

    1. Oh lord, I'm terrible at keeping up with the comments here. Sorry for being four years late, I don't log in often and I don't get notifications when I get comments. Just wanted to thank you for your comment and I bet you've written better :)

  3. wow. uhhh..... well then. Awesomeness!!!!!

    1. 3 years late reply! So sorry, I don't log in often. Just wanted to thank you for your comment and you're awesome! :D

  4. Must... Have... More ♡
    Good job though on these(:

    1. Thank you so much! Unfortunately, I don't write on here anymore as my old works make me cringe. I write elsewhere but they aren't on anime characters :)