Saturday, 21 July 2012

Sasuke lemon

NOTE: This was one my 2nd lemon, so it's not gonna be as good as the rest. 

“Hello? ____?” Sakura said, waving her hand in front of your face to snap you out of your day dream. “Hm?” You replied with, raising your eyebrows an looking back at her completely dazed. “For the last time it’s your go.” She explained. “To do what?” You asked, slightly nervous because every team from the ninja academy was staring at you, waiting. Sakura started babbling on earlier causing you to switch off and be in automatic mode by replying every 5 minutes with ‘yeah’ and ‘oh, really?! “Oh, just pick out a piece of folded paper!” She snapped, shoving the hat in your face. You flinched a little and stuck your hand in the hat, moving your hand around in circles to pick one at random.
You didn’t even want to be here. The only reason you came was because you knew that Sasuke was here. Although he didn’t know that you liked him because you didn’t make it obvious like Sakura and Ino did. You kept your distance to take things slow with him, not scaring or rushing him into anything or looking desperate which you thought was a major turn off for a guy like Sasuke. Especially when he could have any girl he wants. You finally chose a piece of folded up paper and pulled it out of the hat. You unravelled it slowly to see a drawing of what looked like an upside down poke ‘ball. Then you realised it was the sign for the uchiha clan. You looked over at everyone and scanned the room quickly. “Well, who did you get ____?” Ino asked, looking over your shoulder.
“Hey, Sakura! Looks like someone’s got Sasuke!” She yelled, poking you hard in the head. “Cut it out, Barbie!” You yelled, turning around and blocking her away with your arm. You heard a sigh and Sasuke stood up. “Let’s just get this over with.” He said walking to the closet. You quickly followed behind him. Ino slammed the door and said “Good luck, you won’t even get anything out of him anyway. He’s probably not interested in girls like you!” You sighed and said underneath your breath sounding disappointed that you know she was right. “Shut up.” You looked up in the darkness and scanned the room to try and find him but it was as if he wasn’t even in there. You used this to your advantage because if you saw him and tried speaking about your feelings towards him you knew that you would start stuttering like Hinata.
You sighed and was going to talk before Sasuke cut you off. “Thank you.” He said taking your hand. You started to feel really hot and felt your cheecks going red. “Um, um, what for, Sasuke?” You asked, confused. “I know you like me, there’s no point in denying it!” He said as he pushed your shoulder to the wall with his other hand. “Sasuke, what’s going on?” You asked. “Im thanking you for not smothering me unlike Ino and Sakura.” “How did you know?” you asked but it came out in a whisper. There was a long pause. Then you felt his warm breath on your neck. You froze as the hairs on your neck stood up on an end. “You try not to make it obvious but it’s obvious to me. That’s what makes you stand out.” He whispered this still close to your neck.
You couldn’t say anything for a while. You felt his lips on your neck which made you flinch a little. You felt him get closer to you so your body’s where touching. You placed a hand on his chest. You felt him move away from your neck. “Sasuke-“You started off saying until he cut you off by kissing you hard on the lips.
Sasuke let go of your hand and your shoulder and moved them on your shoulders and then slowly trailed them down your breasts. This made you whimper a little causing your heart rate to increase. You heard him chuckle darkly. He then slowly moved them down to your waist and then down to your bum, squeezing it a little causing you to moan a little and automatically moving your leg up on his waist. You could feel his erection when you did this. You blushed, embarrassed. Without asking permission he sneaked his tongue in your mouth. You wrapped you arms around his neck and then started running your fingers through his hair. After a while it felt good, feeling his erection rub against you. Suddenly out of nowhere you jumped on him and he quickly grabbed you legs for support.
Sasuke then broke the kiss and then started to kiss your neck and then he bit gently as he trailed down to your collar bone. You felt something dripping down your neck. You felt your neck with two fingers to inspect what i was. “Sorry, I guess I got a little carried away.” He said, in a husky voice. You then realised it was your blood. Then you felt his tongue slide up against where you felt the blood to. Sasuke started unbuttoning your shirt. You tightened your grip around his waist and started moving your hips in a grinding motion around his erection to tease him. This made him groan a little. After he was done unbuttoning your shirt he discarded it on the floor. Sasuke then grabbed the cup of your bra and then pulled it down revealing your chest to him. You where so thankful that it was dark in there as you where blushing like crazy. “Sasuke.” You moaned. You could feel yourself getting wet down below as you where majorly turned on by this side of Sasuke.
Sasuke then started to suck on your breast causing you to throw your head back and moan in pleasure. You then clawed his back with both hands and started digging your nails in him, dragging them up and then back down again. You took of his white ghee (what he wears in shippuden), leaving it drop to the floor with a slight thud. Sasuke moved his hands up to your jeans started undoing them. You then had to un- wrap your legs around him as he Sasuke was in the way. Once your pants where of you, you jumped straight back on him like a magnet. “Steady.” He giggled, holding your legs again. You once again felt his erection but this time it was longer and harder. He slowly rubbed his hands up and down your thigh and then down your legs and then back up to your thigh, causing you to shiver from pleasure. With your feet you manage to pull his trousers off, he stepped out of it.
You felt one of Sasukes hands leave your leg and now only one was supporting your leg on his waist. Without warning Sasuke forced two of his fingers through your tight wet flower, causing you to scream a little. You buried you face in his shoulder, muffling any screams/ moans. Sasuke motioned his fingers in a circular motion, preparing you for the real thing. You groaned in his shoulder and then moved you hand on his erection, feeling him in your hand. You played with the tip of him, teasing him, causing Sasuke to groan and buck in your hand for more. You felt him leave you and then heard him sniff something. “Lust.” He moaned as he licked his fingers.
After a long pause he then went inside you, the real thing this time. He went in slightly slower this time compared to his fingers. Sasuke let go of your legs relying on your to stay around his waist on your own. He then ran his fingers down your hair causing some of the heat from your head to escape. You tightened you grip around his waist and again grinded against him causing more pleasurable friction between you two. Sasuke bucked into you, wanting more from you.
Sasuke was a little painful at first due to the fact that he was long. Then it started feeling good. “Sasuke!” You gasped. “Faster!” you groaned. “Be quiet.” He demanded. He did get faster. You leaned in for another kiss and he kissed back. You then managed to put your legs on his shoulders for a better position, still grinding deep in his waist. You bit his lip as you felt yourself cumming. You yelled his name as you came and he came at the same time as you. You felt you juices mix together. “Sasuke.” You panted. “____.” He replied. 10mns later you where both dressed and decided to walk out of the closet.
Everybody gasped. “____, what happened to you?” Sakura asked, looking horrified. Sasuke looked at you and said “Hmph”. With a slight smirk. “What do you mean?” You asked and looked in the mirror that was hanging on the wall. You noticed that your neck had dried blood on it form where Sasuke bit it and made you bleed. “I thought you licked all of the blood off.” You said to Sasuke without thinking. “Thought I’d save some for later.” He smirked. “Anyway I need to speak to you.” He said, on a more serious tone, dropping his smirk. “Okay.” You said, nervously.
You followed Sasuke outside. He turned around to face you. “Thank you for not being like those other girls and smothering me all the time, despite how you feel about me.” He said in a low voice. “And I just want to say that because of that, as I said you stand out from the other girls. So um... Do you want to be my girlfriend?” Was Sasuke blushing? You basically said yes and had a long happy, healthy relationship. 


  1. I fricken Loved it <3 Ahhhhh xD

  2. even if this was ur second lemon it was still amazing!!! Keep writing more

    1. Oh gosh, late reply. I'm so sorry. Just wanted to thank you for your lovely comment, Sam. :) I don't usually log in here often. I am still writing lemons, just not on here and not about anime characters.

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    1. 4 year late reply. Sorry, I don't log in often. Just wanted to thank you for your comment, Megan :)

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    1. Haha, right? I guess I got carried away.

  5. Best lemon ever keep it up I love to read fanfic I don't do a lot of lemons fanfics r better than regular books thx bye

  6. *cough* He gets with Sakura later in the anime and has a daughter *cough cough*

  7. Awesome lemon very detailed i really love detailed things